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Sugar Australia is the market leader in supplying bulk sugar to some of Australia’s leading food and beverage manufacturers. Our range includes sugarcane-based crystal and liquid sugars, as well as invert and flavour syrups.

We also use our liquid sucrose to create 100% natural carbon dosing supplements for wastewater treatment needs.

Offering the full range of both crystal and liquid sugar products, Sugar Australia has the national distribution network to support a consistent and reliable supply to both metropolitan and regional manufacturing sites.

Quality and experience count. Having worked with food and beverage manufacturers for over 160 years, Sugar Australia supports supply through producing fit for purpose products delivered in various bulk and packaged formats.

Our Food and Beverage National Account Managers will be happy to assist with your enquiries. For more information send us an online enquiry or get in touch with our customer service team or 1300 134 568.

Liquid sugars

Sugar Australia supplies a range of liquid sugars, invert syrups and flavour syrups based on cane sugar.

PREMIUM LIQUID SUGAR is a virtually water-white liquid sucrose syrup produced from bottler’s grade white sugar to meet the exacting standards of the carbonated beverage industry. It is intended for a wide range of beverages, food products and as a source of sucrose in chemical manufacture.

MANUFACTURERS LIQUID SUGAR is a similar product to premium liquid sugar but with a marginally higher maximum level of micro-organisms. It is intended for a wide range of food products and as a source of sucrose in chemical manufacture where colour is critical, but where the marginally higher maximum levels of micro-organisms (compared with Premium Liquid Sugar) can be tolerated.

FINE LIQUID SUGAR is a straw-coloured sugar syrup with small amounts of the naturally-occurring reducing sugars, inorganic ash, other soluble organic matter, and colour of raw sugar origin. It is suitable for use in those products where small residual amounts of reducing sugars, mineral salts, soluble organic matter and colour can be tolerated or may even enhance flavour or other product characteristics.

INVERT SYRUP is pale coloured sweetener prepared by the acid hydrolysis of a solution of white refined sugar. Following hydrolysis (“inversion”), the syrup is partially neutralised before delivery. Invert Syrup contains equal proportions of the invert (reducing) sugars: glucose and fructose. It has a wide application and is particularly useful where high concentrations of invert sugars are required. The crystal-inhibiting characteristics and humectant properties (retention of moisture) means that the shelf life of many products can be extended by the use of Invert Syrup in product formulations. It has a high degree of sweetening power relative to sucrose.

GOLDEN SYRUP is a viscous, golden-red liquid of characteristic flavour and aroma. It is produced by decolourisation of a partially hydrolysed sugar syrup. Manufacturers Golden Syrup is a similar product to Golden Syrup but it is produced at a lower solids concentration and is therefore less viscous which allows it to flow more readily than Golden Syrup. These two syrups are widely used in baking and fillings where their flavour and high sweetening power (relative to sucrose) are especially advantageous.

TREACLE is a viscous dark brown to black liquid that has a stronger flavour and aroma than golden syrup. It is produced from a partially hydrolysed sugar syrup. Treacle's colour and flavour make it suitable for baking applications and for the production of certain confectionery items.

Delivery and Storage

Liquid sugars, manufacturer’s golden syrups and invert syrups are delivered in stainless steel or aluminium tankers which are properly cleaned to ensure a high standard of hygiene. Most of these products are available in 1000 litre pallecons. Invert Syrup is also packaged in 1000 litre intermediate bulk pallecons.

Golden Syrup and Treacle and packaged in 292kg epoxy lined steel drums, 25kg carboy pails and 1000 litre intermediate bulk pallecons.

Liquid sugar and invert syrup products can be subject to microbial deterioration and proper handling is required to minimise microbial contamination for the atmosphere. Storage life of liquid products depends on storage conditions, cleaning procedures and the type of product. Liquid sugar should be stored in tanks which can be frequently emptied and cleaned to maintain good hygiene standards. The design and operation of tanks should minimise microbial contamination from the atmosphere. Tank volume should be adequate to hold at least a minimum working stock plus a full delivery load.

Exposure to cold temperatures for extended periods could lead to crystallisation of some products, especially liquid sugars and invert syrups. Invert syrup has a nominal shelf life of more than 2 years but to minimise the risk of crystallisation it is recommended that the product be used within 6 months.

Flavour syrups, particularly golden syrup and treacle are quite stable and have a useful life in excess of 2 years and thus do not require a ‘use by date’. There may be some darkening of golden syrup over time.

Crystal sugars

Sugar Australia supplies a range of white sugars and specialty sugars in crystal form.

PREMIUM WHITE SUGAR (previously called Bottlers, Canners or Low Colour) is manufactured white sugar which meets the standards set by the National Soft Drink Association of the USA and National Canners Association of the USA, and also meets the standard set by the US National Food Processors Association. It is produced for specific uses where purity is most important. It is especially suitable for use in bottling of aerated waters, in canning of low-acid foods where sugar with low levels of particular types of spoilage micro-organisms in the can is needed, or where the product is sensitive to colour introduced with the sugar.

MANUFACTURERS WHITE SUGAR has a broad crystal size spectrum and may contain some large crystals as well as fine sugar. It is suitable for a wide range of food and beverage processing applications where variable crystal size will not affect the final product's quality. It is especially practical where dissolving is part of the customer’s process.

GRADED WHITE SUGAR has a smaller and more uniform crystal size than manufacturers white sugar and is suitable for a wide range of table top and industrial food and beverage applications. Applications which benefit from the uniform grist and bulk density characteristics of this product include baking and confectionery manufacture where sugar crystal size affects textures and consistency. Volumetric measurements of graded white sugar gives a more repeatable mass than would occur with manufacturers white sugar.

CASTER SUGAR has a smaller average crystal size than graded white sugar and does not contain the larger crystals. It produces textural differences in bakery products. It is ideal for sugar-coated products and some confectionery, and also exhibits fast-dissolving characteristics which are desirable for cold drink preparations. In powdered dry mixes such as sachet drinks, puddings, jellies and cake mixes, the uniform crystal size of caster sugar ensures even distribution, avoiding stratification and non-uniformity of the packaged product.

EXTRA COARSE SUGAR is a specialty white sugar of large crystal size particle distribution. It is used for decoration and other special uses. Some of these uses are unique and form the basis of particular bakery or confectionery products.


BROWN SUGAR is a moist, golden brown, very fine crystal product, made using selected refinery syrups.

DARK BROWN SUGAR has a similar texture to Brown Sugar with a richer colour and more distinctive molasses flavour and aroma.

These two sugars are especially suitable to use in cereals, baking, fillings, syrup toppings and confectionery, where the characteristic colour, flavour and aroma of the sugars will be imparted to the food.

RAW SUGAR is a free flowing sugar of straw colour with a soft, honey-like flavour. It has a wide variety of uses but particularly where the straw colour and characteristics flavour will enhance the product in which it is used.

COFFEE SUGAR is a large grained, pale browngolden sugar with which dissolves slowly allowing the full flavour and sweetness of a great coffee to last longer. It also make a delicious crunchy topping for desserts and ice-cream.

DEMERARA SUGAR is a particular form of raw sugar with a golden, sparkling crystal and a distinctive rich flavour. The fine syrup coating on the crystal, together with its coarseness also gives a good colour to the crust of baking.

ICING SUGAR is fine-grained white sugar produced by grinding crystal sugar. It has specific uses where the very fine particles are required, such as fondant for confectionery and in the baking industry. We produce a pure icing sugar which is 100% sugar and icing mixtures where up to 5% of tapioca or maize starch is added to prevent caking. Pure icing sugar tends to cake and lump quite quickly and should be used within a few days of production. Icing mixture should be used within a month of manufacture and will compact if stacked more than two pallets high. Storage should be in cool dry areas away from draughts and humidity.

Delivery and Storage

White sugars are available in bulk or as palletised 25kg industrial bags. Graded and caster sugar are also available in 15kg bags. In some states crystal sugars can be filled into intermediate bulk containers. Specialty sugars are available as palletised 25kg industrial bags and some in 15kg bags.

Crystal sugar products have a useful life in excess of 2 years and thus do not require a ‘use by’ date. The only potential change of significance over a long period is physical caking.

Crystal sugars should be stored in dry areas, preferably avoiding large temperature variations and relative humidity above 70%. Sugar tends to absorb moisture from the air and may cake if subjected to unsuitable storage conditions. While stored, sugar is not normally attacked by insects or bacteria provided it is kept dry.

Brown and dark brown sugars can dry out if subjected to low humidity. Compression from storing as multiple layers of palletised product can alter the physical condition of these moist sugars.

Sucrosolutions for water

Our sucrosolutions™ products provide natural, safe and simple carbon dosing supplements for wastewater treatment needs, particularly denitrification where readily biodegradable carbon is insufficient. Made from sugarcane, our 100% natural products use liquid sucrose that we manufacture locally and distribute nationally.

Our standard product, D.Nitro™, is suitable for the majority of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).

For plants requiring low turbidity, D.Nitro UV™ is a very low colour variant. Designed for optimal operation of UV treatment of wastewater discharge, it provides customers with the assurance they need to meet colour requirements.

Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater is generally essential for compliance with stringent water quality criteria prior to recycling or return to the environment. As sewage will often have insufficient bio-available carbon to drive the biological removal of both phosphorus and nitrogen, the addition of a carbon supplement to the bioreactors is necessary. Extra carbon has been shown to be especially beneficial for denitrification, a common process stage in most wastewater treatment plants in Australia. Sugar is a natural, safe and simple way to reduce nitrogen in wastewater treatment.

Your plant may require extra carbon for water treatment if it has one or more of the following:

  • High nitrogen levels in discharges (these limits are regulated by the EPA and/or local and state authorities in Australia).
  • Influent with low levels of naturally occurring RBCOD (this may be impacted by weather conditions or the composition of influent from residential and industrial wastewater).
  • Competing demand for biodegradable carbon from Bio-P/Bio-N, and power generation from methane production is likely greater than that available in domestic sewage.
  • Reduced biomass activity due to carbon shortage.
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