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CSR Sugar showcases a new twist on a Golden Oldie

CSR Sugar, renowned for being the sugar experts, has put a new spin on everybody’s favourite syrup, launching a range of modern, innovative recipes using an old time favourite, CSR Golden Syrup.

Unmatched in colour and flavour by any other sweetener, CSR Golden Syrup has been a household favourite for many years. But not many people know that the unusual depth of flavour of CSR Golden Syrup makes it the perfect ingredient for use in Asian cooking, where a subtle and complex balance of sweet and sour is often required.

With a little “know how”, CSR Golden Syrup becomes an ideal and versatile ingredient in savoury cooking, and can be used in marinades, sauces, glazes and salad dressings, whilst providing a unique flavour and texture in cooking modern sweet treats. Our cuisine library offers some modern and diverse recipe ideas to help consumers create their own new taste and flavour sensations over warmer and cooler months!

CSR Golden Syrup is an ideal substitute for honey, particularly for people who choose not to eat honey, such as vegans

CSR Golden Syrup is available in CSR Original Golden Syrup and CSR Golden Syrup Squeeze:

CSR Original Golden Syrup is pure liquid gold! Combining a rich, dark blend of cane syrups, CSR Original Golden Syrup offers a traditional taste, which is the ideal ingredient to create delicious family favourites like Anzac biscuits, brandy snaps and Gingernut cookies. CSR Original Golden Syrup is a thicker syrup, which adds a moist texture to cakes, puddings and muffins. CSR Original Golden Syrup is available in a convenient, screw-top 850g jar.

CSR Golden Syrup Squeeze offers great convenient packaging. The no-mess, non-drip squeezable bottle means it can be stored upside down when storage space is low and is ideal for kids wanting to serve themselves.

With its delicious subtle caramel taste, CSR Golden Syrup Squeeze has a distinct lighter golden colour than CSR Original Golden Syrup and has a lighter taste, which makes it the perfect topping to add to your favourite meal or snack, or even as a flavouring in your favourite sauces, glazes and marinades!

For a fresh twist at breakfast, CSR Golden Syrup Squeeze can be served on toast, cereal or bananas, and for lunch, try adding golden syrup to freshly baked bread or your favourite milkshake. CSR Golden Syrup Squeeze is available in a 500 gram bottle.

CSR’s Golden Syrup range is available in all major supermarkets.

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