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Sweet and Convenient new range from CSR

We have new things for you at CSR.

CSR Sugar is leading the way in packaging innovation within the sugar category, with the launch of three new products that have a big focus on convenience.

CSR Sugar has identified a gap in the market for convenient and easy to use sugar products. Additionally, consumer needs are changing, with many households now comprising only one or two people. As a result, CSR Sugar has added three new products to their sugar range, including: CSR Pour and Store Caster and White Sugars 1.75kg, White Sugar Tub (270g) and CSR Premium White Sugar Sticks 50’s

CSR Pour and Store Caster and White Sugars 1.7kg are now available in your favorite supermarket. Packed in recyclable plastic containers. It makes pouring no-mess and your favorite sugar keeps clean and fresh.

CSR White Sugar Tubs come in a 270-gram, tamper evident, resealable tub, which makes them more hygienic than the traditional sugar bowl. Because the tubs are resealable, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining, making them ideal for picnics and barbeques.

CSR Premium White Sugar Sticks means you can now purchase sugar sticks just like those found at your favourite café. CSR Premium White Sugar Sticks offer the convenience of individual sugar portions, which means less mess and no wastage. Each box of CSR Premium White Sugar Sticks contains 50 individual serves of sugar.

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