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Sugar Australia supplies a range of liquid sugars, invert syrups and flavour syrups based on cane sugar.




PREMIUM LIQUID SUGAR is a virtually water-white liquid sucrose syrup produced from bottler’s grade white sugar to meet the exacting standards of the carbonated beverage industry.  It is intended for a wide range of beverages, food products and as a source of sucrose in chemical manufacture.

MANUFACTURERS LIQUID SUGAR is a similar product to premium liquid sugar but with a marginally higher maximum level of micro-organisms.  It is intended for a wide range of food products and as a source of sucrose in chemical manufacture where colour is critical, but where the marginally higher maximum levels of micro-organisms (compared with Premium Liquid Sugar) can be tolerated.  It is not generally considered suitable for carbonated beverage production.
FINE LIQUID SUGAR is a straw-coloured sugar syrup with small amounts of the naturally-occurring reducing sugars, inorganic ash, other soluble organic matter, and colour of raw sugar origin. It is suitable for use in those products where small residual amounts of reducing sugars, mineral salts, soluble organic matter and colour can be tolerated or may even enhance flavour or other product characteristics.

INVERT SYRUP is pale coloured sweetener prepared by the acid hydrolysis of a solution of white refined sugar.  Following hydrolysis (“inversion”), the syrup is partially neutralised before delivery.  Invert Syrup contains equal proportions of the invert (reducing) sugars: glucose and fructose.  It has a wide application and is particularly useful where high concentrations of invert sugars are required.  The crystal-inhibiting characteristics and humectant properties (retention of moisture) means that the shelf life of many products can be extended by the use of Invert Syrup in product formulations.  It has a high degree of sweetening power relative to sucrose.

GOLDEN SYRUP is a viscous, golden-red liquid of characteristic flavour and aroma. It is produced by decolourisation of a partially hydrolysed sugar syrup. Manufacturers Golden Syrup is a similar product to Golden Syrup but it is produced at a lower solids concentration and is therefore less viscous which allows it to flow more readily than Golden Syrup. These two syrups are widely used in baking and fillings where their flavour and high sweetening power (relative to sucrose) are especially advantageous.

TREACLE is a viscous dark brown to black liquid that has a stronger flavour and aroma than golden syrup. It is produced from a partially hydrolysed sugar syrup. Treacle's colour and flavour make it suitable for baking applications and for the production of certain confectionery items.


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