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Sugar Australia has refineries in Melbourne and Mackay, and depots in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Mackay and Brisbane. All of these sites have been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd as meeting the requirements if ISO Standard 9001:2000 under multi-site certification.  Sugar Australia sites are also HACCP certified by Lloyd’s. Sugar Australia’s quality assurance measures begin with raw sugar, are applied throughout the refining and packaging processes, the processes that support them, and the products supplied to the customer.

Quality of the finished products is maintained by ‘in process’ control of what is essentially a continuous process. Checking of finished product is used to ensure the ‘in process’ controls are effective.  Isolation of, and testing of samples from batches is generally not practiced as a basis of release for sale.  Any product found, after delivery, not to comply with agreed specifications is subject to positive recall procedures and/or concession.

Quality control of the finished product goes beyond the sugar characteristics to include date marking, print and packaging quality and protection against subsequent contamination. 

Packaged products are identified for batch coding by packed date and a code for the particular site, and, for flavour syrups and invert syrup, a batch (or “skip”) number.

Nutritional Data sheets have been developed for all our products.  This data is regularly updated and is available on request from our national sales office.

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Food Grade Refined Vegetable Oils

Glucose Syrup

Invert Syrup, Golden Syrups and Treacle

Liquid Sugar


Maple Flavoured Syrup

Powdered Sugar

Raw and Brown Sugars

Stevia products Rebpure, Blendsure and Anysweet

White Sugar

Sugar Cane

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