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Sugar Australia supplies a range of white sugars and specialty sugars in crystal form.


PREMIUM WHITE SUGAR (previously called Bottlers, Canners or Low Colour) is manufactured white sugar which meets the standards set by the National Soft Drink Association of the USA and National Canners Association of the USA, and also meets the standard set by the US National Food Processors Association.  It is produced for specific uses where purity is most important.  It is especially suitable for use in bottling of aerated waters, in canning of low-acid foods where sugar with low levels of particular types of spoilage micro-organisms in the can is needed, or where the product is sensitive to colour introduced with the sugar.

MANUFACTURERS WHITE SUGAR has a broad crystal size spectrum and may contain some large crystals as well as fine sugar.  It is suitable for a wide range of food and beverage processing applications where variable crystal size will not affect the final product's quality.  It is especially practical where dissolving is part of the customer’s process.

GRADED WHITE SUGAR has a smaller and more uniform crystal size than manufacturers white sugar and is suitable for a wide range of table top and industrial food and beverage applications. Applications which benefit from the uniform grist and bulk density characteristics of this product include baking and confectionery manufacture where sugar crystal size affects textures and consistency.  Volumetric measurements of graded white sugar gives a more repeatable mass than would occur with manufacturers white sugar.

CASTER SUGAR has a smaller average crystal size than graded white sugar and does not contain the larger crystals.  It produces textural differences in bakery products.  It is ideal for sugar-coated products and some confectionery, and also exhibits fast-dissolving characteristics which are desirable for cold drink preparations. In powdered dry mixes such as sachet drinks, puddings, jellies and cake mixes, the uniform crystal size of caster sugar ensures even distribution, avoiding stratification and non-uniformity of the packaged product. 

EXTRA COARSE SUGAR is a specialty white sugar of large crystal size which has particle size and particle size distribution characteristics. It is used for decoration and other special uses. Some of these uses are unique and form the basis of particular bakery or confectionery products.


BROWN SUGAR is a moist, golden brown, very fine crystal product, made using selected refinery syrups.

DARK BROWN SUGAR has a similar texture to Brown Sugar with a richer colour and more distinctive molasses flavour and aroma.

These two sugars are especially suitable to use in cereals, baking, fillings, syrup toppings and confectionery, where the characteristic colour, flavour and aroma of the sugars will be imparted to the food.

RAW SUGAR is a free flowing sugar of straw colour with a characteristic flavour.  It has a wide variety of uses but particularly where the straw colour and characteristics flavour will enhance the product in which it is used.

COFFEE SUGAR is a large grained, pale brown sugar with a characteristic flavour.

DEMERARA SUGAR is a particular form of raw sugar with a golden, sparkling crystal and a distinctive rich flavour.

These two sugars have large crystals which dissolve slowly allowing the full flavour and sweetness of natural sugar cane syrups to last.  They are suitable for use in coffee, as a table accompaniment and in certain cooking applications.  The rich golden colour and molasses flavour of Demerara give its use extra dimension.

ICING SUGAR – these are fine-grained white sugars produced by grinding crystal sugar.  They have specific uses where the very fine particles are required, such as fondant for confectionery and in the baking industry.  We produce a pure icing sugar which is 100% sugar and icing mixtures where up to 5% starch is added to prevent caking.  Pure icing sugar tends to cake and lump quite quickly and should be used within a few days of production.  Icing mixture should be used within a month of manufacture and will compact if stacked more than two pallets high.  Storage should be in cool dry areas away from draughts and humidity.

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