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Food and beverage
Sweet solutions are our core business. As Australia’s largest supplier of refined sugar to the food and beverage industry, we are dedicated to setting a new level of expectation and commitment to excellence. With six manufacturing sites, we are able to provide national coverage to our ingredient and consumer customers with a wide range of products to cater for all sweetener needs.

We have sole supplier relationships with many customers including small, medium and large corporations, some of whom we’ve been in partnership with for over 75 years. Our customers trust us: They trust us to manage their inventory levels and deliveries utilising the latest telemetering technologies, and they trust our product.

The four key ingredients of Our Customer Proposition - Quality, Reliability, Contingency and Innovation - are the essential ingredients of our success. Combining these ingredients enables us to deliver on our commitment and ensure our customers have confidence and trust in their sweet solutions partner, Sugar Australia.

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