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The BIBO Process

  • Refined sugar from Racecourse refinery is stored in bulk in the large port silo at Mackay.
  • Sugar is bulk loaded in enclosed conditions from the port silo at Mackay into the ship's holds.
  • While in the ship, the sugar is stored in insulated air conditioned holds which are lined with stainless steel.
  • At the port of discharge, sugar is discharged in bulk at a rate of up to 500 tonnes per hour. Alternatively, it can be discharged in bags at about 3,000 tonnes per day.
  • At the main distribution centres, refined sugar is stored in bulk awaiting delivery to customers in bulk, packaged or liquid form.

How does the sugar flow?


The ship is loaded on the port side with bulk sugar conveyed by a belt housed in an enclosed tubular gantry into sealed holds.


When bulk sugar is unloaded, it travels from outlets at the bottom of the hold onto a fully enclosed conveyor belt.

Bagged sugar is unloaded from the on-vessel bagging plant via 2 port side elevators connecting to conveyors and finally truck loaders which are located on the wharf.

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