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Sugar Australia refines and markets a complete range of liquid and crystal sugars for industrial markets, as well as offering a complete branded product range for consumer markets.

Sugar Australia is the leading supplier of quality refined sugar products. We service the industrial and consumer sugar market, and market the CSR Sugar brand.

Sugar Australia operate within the following business channels:

Food and Beverage
Food Service

A New Way to Carbon Dose: Natural, Safe, Simple

Sugar Australia presents the sucrosolutions™ product range, providing carbon dosing products for wastewater treatment plants throughout Australia.

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CSR Better For You Range

Looking for a sweet change? Try CSR’s Better For You range of sugars.

Just like all the products in the CSR Better For You range CSR LoGiCane™ Low GI Sugar is full of goodness. Made from 100% sugar cane, we’ve retained more of the goodness found in molasses to create a great tasting cane sugar that provides a slower, more sustained energy release.
CSR Organic and CSR SMART™ Sugar Blends are also part of CSR’s Better For You range and are available now in supermarkets nationally.
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Better For You
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Sugar Australia Glebe Island Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)